Guy La Roche: tribute to the founder

The latest textile collection by Guy Laroche is a tribute to the founder of the brand, who died 30 years ago. Richard René, creative director of the brand, resumed a unique print inspired by the black marble that covers the sanctuary where the designer rests.

Fine, fluid, simple garments, designed for today’s girls, according to René’s own words that flow between patterns with straight lines, light pleats in skirts and layers for the night. All with dark and sober colors characteristic of the brand.

The ophthalmic collection for the autumn-winter 2019 season follows the line marked by the mother house and proposes 12 models for women and 10 for men in which the continuity of the lines, contrast with an increase in the volume of the structures.


For this autumn-winter season, the structures of the women’s line have been enriched. Sections are worked into the fronts to give the Laroche frame a much more fine, delicate and feminine look.

Some calibres are increased, and the figures are much slenderer, incorporating more cat-eye shapes while also maintaining the serene attitude of the brand.

On top of that, double structures enter the metal models and, inevitably, the temples’ fabrik strasses decorations that give them a shiny finish remain untouched.


The timeless shapes that so characterize Guy Laroche prevail in this new collection, but two new frames are proposed, with a retro modern vibe to them which breaks the tendencies of the brand without forgetting the essence of the French firm. The fronts are mostly based on the simplicity of the square shapes with soft edges. A classic cut which combines the quality of the materials, of the construction and the details on the temples elevates the piece to the level required by Guy Laroche.