Adolfo Domínguez

There are glasses that are born to live like a second skin.


Collections that have been created for you to dress yourself. Adolfo Domínguez proposes to connect with your inner self and show yourself as you really are. Never forget the importance of being yourself and reflecting your inner universe in your eyes.

Adolfo Domínguez frames shun transience, rejecting the immediacy of fast fashion to ally themselves with the passage of time, with the wisdom that comes from experience, with the elegance of durability.
Their proposals for men and women are committed to eternal styles that reject ephemeral fashion. In Adolfo Domínguez frames, metal predominates over plastic, assembled in shapes with perfect, golden, architectural proportions.

AD Eyewear’s contemporary style brings together inner and outer beauty. Fine shapes that play with metal and translucent pastel-coloured acetates give it an almost transparent femininity. Beauty without artifice for women who seek to express who they really are.

Adolfo Domínguez
Adolfo Domínguez

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