New Mr.Wonderful sun collection

The summer season is here and Mr.Wonderfu is waiting us with 13 sun proposals to fill every look with optimism, good vibes and the desire to live your own story. The collection is divided into 7 high quality TR90 models and 6 metal models. Enough models to always have a Mr.Wonderful eyewear for every face type.

Regulary in the Brand, the collection is divided into several aspects ranging from the most daring to the trendiest paart, without forgetting all those models of wardrobe that are ideal for day-to-day life.

The Big70 models are the most daring in the collection. It have the 1970 essence. They update the materials, increase the size and contribute a wonder style full of happiness, positivity and optimism. We find oversize models with asymmetric curves which all the weight resides on the front and the rod is reduced to a minimum both in thickness and decoration for the whole remains balanced. (Ref.MW29052101)

It is the backbone of the collection. Pure Mr. Wonderful essence in color and shape. Fresh models with a comfortable style, dominated by round shapes and pastel colors that make up the most optimistic universe on the planet.(Ref.MW29046100)

The five Trendy models are the perfect balance between the wonder spirit and the trends that fly in the influencer universe. Six proposals of casual style in which a reduction in the vertical size of the frame and the geometric shapes in the fronts predominate. The temples widen on these models and fill with color. For this season, the geometric 2019 trend applied to metal jumps to TR90. That is why we find some models with very angular fronts but with smooth edges following the Mr.Wonderful aesthetic. (Ref.MW29046100)

Mr. Wonderful does not want to miss the masquerade party this 2020. For this reason, he proposes a model with a squat shape and a futuristic air with a flat lens (base 2). A metal frame defines and range, from the inside, the edge of the lens leaving only the heel visible, welded onto the nylon. (Ref.MW29045166)