How to disinfect glasses during COVID19

The Official College of Optical Optometrists already warned weeks ago of the importance of cleaning the glasses to avoid the spread of the coronavirus since, as they explained, “they are a very important point of infection and contagion considering that virus can survive for hours” on its surface .

If you want to extend the lifetime of your glasses in the best conditions, in addition to not taking risks of contagion and taking extreme hygienic measures, we invite you to follow these instructions.

1.Before washing the glasses, properly sanitize your hands and then moisten the entire surface with warm water (hot water can damage the glass coating).

2. Hand soap is the least abrasive product with frame materials. we suggest to place a drop of neutral liquid soap on the fingers, lather both the frame and the lenses up both sides and leave to act for one minute.

3. Rinse abundantly with warm or cold water making sure that all the soap is removed. Pay special attention to rinsing in the pad area, lens contour and flexo area.

After rinsing, dry the frame and lenses with a microfiber cloth. Our recommendation is to use the one that comes with the glasses. These types of textiles do not leave lint and do not scratch the lens glass, making them ideal for this task.


  • It is recommended to carry out the disinfection process between 2 and 3 times a week.
  • Avoid the use of chemical and abrasive substances. The most advisable is soap and water.
  • Glasses should never be cleaned with the shirt, T-shirt, or any other garment you are wearing. It should be avoided that the possible bacteria existing in the clothes can become attached in this gesture.
  • Proper hygiene of your accessories will help protect you and slow down the advance of the COVID-19.