Powerful glasses for the ‘Superheroins of Today’

Within each woman inhabits a superheroine, able to do incredible things and ready to conquer their own world with every small action she makes. An empowered woman who brings out the best of herself to grow without limits and to gain everything she wants.

‘The Superheroines of Today’ have nothing to do with the comics, they reveal their identity in the real world. Female heroes aren’t at all an alter ego who hides their identity behind a mask. They have nothing to hide, they walk with her head up breaking clichés and stereotypes.

Each heroine chooses the colours and forms with which identifies most. And offering unique structures and splash of colours, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is the best. Together with the reds, pinks, blues and greens Agatha has added the Living Coral, the colour of 2019, coming from the Pantone scale to fill in with warmth and encouragement to a constantly changing society. Together with the Agatha solid colours, the transparency of the crystal creates a game of tones and lowering that change in every model. In sunglasses, mirrored lenses leave space to varied colourful cosmetic lenses to paint your life with the colour that better suits you.

There is no better superpower than sowing joyfulness in every step, and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada achieves in every single frame with tandem of shapes and colours. For this season, the height shrinks and the amplitude is stylized to fill in with femininity even the most feline looks with low cut acetate sunglasses.  Not to forget the heroines of the past with retro models, playing with the volumes with acetate fronts and double metal structures to create unique looks, proud of themselves and empowered.