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Adolfo Dominguez Eyewear
Adolfo Dominguez Eyewear
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Adolfo Dominguez Eyewear.


Adolfo Domínguez is the creator of a style based on minimalism and rationalism, based on clean and sober lines that create discreet, elegant and functional fashion.


Ever since Adolfo Domínguez revolutionised the fashion world in Spain in 1979, his innovative style has always been at the forefront, has crossed borders and has established a before and after. His products are characterised by being positioned at the high end of fashion and emphasise the quality and beauty of all the materials.


The Adolfo Domínguez group has been in the textile sector for over 30 years, and is an essential point of reference in Spanish fashion. Its success is based on the design, finish and presentation of the product, as well as over 300 stores in Europe, Latin America, Japan, China, United States and Southeast Asia.

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